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Over the years that I have worked in jewelry making, I have scoured the market for the best products for the type of jewelry I work with. At the beginning of my career, I bought details that I liked aesthetically, but I noticed quite quickly that they oxidized, that is, that they lost their gold color. The jewelry looked dull pretty quickly with the oxidized details so it was time to start looking for quality!


Much of what I buy is gold-plated, but it is not certain that everything that is gold-plated will last over time. It depends on the thickness of the plating and other factors. The plated jewelry I sell, however, I know to be of high quality because I have tried these for several years and they last really well. This is usually how you have to proceed when you buy new details - you have to try them out for a period of time to see how the material responds. For me, it is fundamental to sell jewelery that lasts over time, not only because I have a responsibility towards the consumer, but also because it has to be climate-smart. My jewelry should be able to be used year in and year out and they should never end up in a chest of drawers because they lose quality!  


In recent years, I have also started buying in gold-plated details and earrings. It's a notch above plated and it's really good quality. These pieces of jewelry can withstand showering with, for example (although I recommend not doing so to increase the durability even more!) and if they are gold-plated rings, you can wash your hands with them. I have some suppliers who sell gold-plated details at very favorable prices and it makes me so happy to be able to sell really good jewelry to you at reasonable prices!


Of course, everything I buy is nickel-free and allergy tested! I myself am allergic to nickel, which is an advantage in this context. If it's something I can't stand - then it never goes on sale. But luckily it rarely happens these days because I have found serious suppliers with high quality of their products.


If you have questions about the quality or want to know more, you are most welcome to contact me!


Warm greetings

Sandra Teresa

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