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Sandra Teresa AB was started in 2016 by Sandra Teresa Molander. The creation of jewelry has been an interest of hers for many years, but it wasn´t until during a parental leave that she started toying with the idea of leaving her previous job as a political official and starting a company where she would invest wholeheartedly in jewelry design and sales. Said and done. Since then, via her webshop, but also retailers such as Maruschka de Margot and Millesgården, she has sold jewelery to people all over the world.

Characteristic of her jewelry is that they are classic, but with a playful twist as well as feminine and colorful. She has a fondness for rosettes and beautiful semi-precious stones and this is also reflected in the different collections.

The jewelery is made by hand in her studio on Lidingö, where you can also come and look at the jewelery and buy directly. Book an appointment via

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"I think it´s a beautiful thought that we reuse the earth;s natural materials and adorn ourselves with it. Sustainability is a watchword when I create and you will be able to use these pieces of jewelry for many years to come."


Sandra Teresa

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